Andrew Healan

New Orleans comedian and host of the podcast That Sounds Reasonable

I’ll Remember… Jesus?

March 18th, 2003

Someone please buy me tickets to “Jesus Christ Superstar” in April at the Fox. Yeah, it’s Webber and Rice and all that, but Sebastion Bach as Jesus? I wish they’d just gone with an all metal cast (who wouldn’t want to see Jayne Lane as Judas) l__l I can just see Sebastion performing miracles such as turning flat hair in to big poofy hair, singing notes so high and long they can be heard by his followers all around the world, being birthed by a groupie who was a virgin (giving Kip Winger head doesn’t count) and finding a small piece of fabric to tear a whole in acid washed jeans when it was thought no more holes could fit. Praise be to Sebastion.

Damn I miss him

January 17th, 2003

I have spent the past few days listening to Grace, The Grace EPs, Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk and Songs To No One and I just gotta say that the world was deprived of a long and distinguished career by Jeff Buckley. But I implore the record companies to keep milking every single thing he ever recorded. I’ll keep buying them.

Rank Not Stank

December 25th, 2002

The world can stop holding its collective breath, here is the official Top 50 albums of the year. First, a discalimer — obviously the most brilliant album of 2002 was the Violent Femmes re-issue of Violent Femmes. But in fairness to the other LPs that came out this year, I have removed it from consideration. So, here we go:
(50) New Found Glory Sticks And Stones, (49) Andrew W.K. I Get Wet, (48) Black Label Society 1919 Eternal, (47) Christina Aguilera Stripped, (46) Blackalicious Blazing Arrow, (45) Counting Crows Hard Candy, (44) Pearl Jam Riot Act, (43) Red Hot Chili Peppers By The Way, (42) Jucifer I Name You Destroyer, (41) South From Here On In, (40) Unwritten Law Elva, (39) Jurassic 5 Power In Numbers, (38) The Donnas Spend The Night, (37) Riddlin’ Kids Hurry Up And Wait, (36) Clinic Walking With Thee, (35) The Hives Veni Vidi Vicious, (34) TRUSTcompany The Lonely Position Of Neutral, (33) Earshot Letting Go, (32) Pink M!ssundaztood, (31) Foo Fighters One By One, (30) Kenny Chesney No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem, (29) Phantom Planet The Guest, (28) Badly Drawn Boy Have You Fed The Fish?, (27) Gordon Gano Hitting The Ground, (26) Jerry Cantrell Degradation Trip, (25) Various Artist Rise Above, (24) Thursday Full Collapse, (23) Dashboard Confessional The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most, (22) Dream Theater Six Degrees Of InnerTurbulence, (21) Paul Oakenfold Bunkka, (20) David Bowie Heathen, (19) Local H Here Comes The Zoo, (18) …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead Source Tags & Codes, (17) Elvis Costello When I Was Cruel, (16) The Vines Highly Evolved, (15) Johnny Cash American Recording IV: The Man Comes Around, (14) Queens Of The Stone Age Songs For The Deaf, (13) Rhett Miller The Instigator, (12) Weezer Maladroit, (11) Bowling For Soup Drunk Enough To Dance, (10) Audioslave Audioslave, (9) Coldplay A Rush Of Blood To The Head, (8) Drive By Truckers Southern Rock Opera, (7) Willie Nelson Stars & Guitars, (6) Norah Jones Come Away With Me, (5) Ryan Adams Demolition, (4) Sparta Wiretap Scars, (3) The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, (2) Beck Sea Change, AND (1) Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Now, go buy any of these you don’t have.

Another Sad Day

December 23rd, 2002

We just keep losing the good ones. Started my day with the tragic news of Joe Strummer’s death. The Clash are a band I always enjoyed growing up, but did not really appreciate until my later years. They worked almost every imaginable musical style into the basic three chord punk song and managed to write socially profound punk lyrics. For a while they truely were “the only band that mattered.” Long after The Clash were no more, the band, and Joe especially, remained an icon and influenced so many of the artists I have enjoyed the past couple of decades. I was anticipating their induction to The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this spring. Hoping against hope to see one last performance from one of the most idolized bands in rock history. So, Joe, thanks for the good tunes and the good times.

Andrew Healan

New Orleans comedian and host of the podcast That Sounds Reasonable