Andrew Healan

New Orleans comedian and host of the podcast That Sounds Reasonable

A Weird Sad End

May 1st, 2003

As a pre-teen proffesional wrestling fan seeing Miss Elizabeth on my television screen gave my a funny, tingly feeling that I didn’t quite understand. This evening. seeing her on my television gave me a funny, empty feeling that, unfortunately, I do understand. Elizabeth Heulette, better known to wrestling fans as The Lovely Miss Elizabeth was rushed to Kennestone Hospital early this morning where she died.

In an interesting study of how modern media works, the story evolved and develpoed throughout the day. Atlanta area medai outlets — newspapers, television and radio — had what seemed like half hourly updates throughout the day. And all made good use of their web sites. Which was appropriate, because the Internet is where the wrestling community gathers to celebrate and mourn wrestling superstars and tradgedies.

The Cobb County police have ruled out foul play, so all signs now point to an overdose. Yet another sad case of drugs ending the life of a wrestling star. So it looks like Larry didn’t OJ her, or Spector her or Blake her.

Miss Elizabeth came on the wrestling seen well over a decade before the term diva was bandied about. She wan’t wrestling in pudding matches or rolling around with other women in her bra and panties. There had been a few before her — Baby Doll, Precious, Sunshine, Missy Hyatt — but Elizabeth brought a grace and class that had never before been seen. She accompanied one of the biggest heels in the business to the ring, always recieved loud ovations from male and female fans alike. She rarely spoke, and when she did, it was in a meek tender voice that made you want to shelter her from all that could bring harm to her. Back in the day, there was no better way to garner heat from a crowd than to threaten Miss Elizabeth. She stood by her man (Savage) despite the way her bossed her around and kept her in his shadows (a situation that all fans could identify and sympathize with). Elizabeth and Savage were eventually married, then divorced. She stayed in the business and despite the T&A aspect that came to encompass divadom in pro wrestling never resorted to skimpy clothing or slutty behavior to win the fans over.

So, toll the bell for Elizabeth Heulette, the true First Lady of Pro Wrestling.



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Andrew Healan

New Orleans comedian and host of the podcast That Sounds Reasonable